Sea-of-Ink: Chains


->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Ink, Pencil, opaque white

…and yet we are so limited by things we can’t influence.
…and yet we are captured in this twisted web, made by coincidence and nature.
And yet…we can at least try rip those chains.


  1. I suppose that the images of animals connected to specific body parts represent special abilities of those animals linked with those parts, but, if it’s easy to guess which one for the butterfly or the eagle, I’ve some trouble with some:
    _the ostrich: I don’t see what’s special in the ostrich’s neck, legs are more representative of ostriches’ abilities in my opinion.
    _the wolf; the stamina maybe? Or the stomach? x)
    _the orca: no idea, the sonar maybe?

    I like the frame btw, as digital one don’t have one, I think it’s a good thing to incorporate one in the drawing, since it give more deepness in the artwork (well it’s more suited for some case than others, not good for immersive art probably)

    1. Author

      Yes, you’re right! c:

      As you may already know: this work is me-related. So those things are quite personal X’D – just like it was with the symbols on the watch in the work with Abire’Kreevan.
      And I also don’t like to talk about my problems :’D because of that I won’t tell much and especially not in detail.
      About the Orca: yeah, you’re right with the sonar. Bound to the horns (which lead to the occipital) it refers to bad, regular headache (and the Whisperers Voice too).
      Wolf and Ostrich won’t be explained – sorry.
      Instead I can explain the bat (left upper corner): which is related to my Tinnitus.

      Yay, thanks! I’m glad you like the frame! Wasn’t sure how it will turn out, but now I like it too.
      Thanks for the feedback!

      (did you notice your Avatar changed oO ? I don’t know why, but it looks like you’re now an Unicorn-Lobster-Blobfish with too much lipstick o,o and not a Christmastree-lobster anymore XD)

      1. Naah, I feared you’ll say something like this, not knowing things annoy the knowledge-eating wolf’s part of me x)
        Ostrich is maybe a pun, because…uhm…your neck is in Austria? XD

        I forget something however: not all chains are good to be ripped off. Some of them bound us to our identity and world. We are attach to people and things by the chains of the morality (for me: the perception of what’s necessary or not) and emotions. Imagine how the world would be if everyone would break the chains of sentiments: people will then not be retain by their love for others (for example staying with their family instead of accept a well paid job at the other end of the world) and so the world would be just cold and probably very chaotic.
        Well, reading this again, I think I’m probably far off-topic there x)

        But thinking about frames, they’re not always out of place in immersive works: at the end of middle-ages artist played with it to give to the spectator more immersion: usually a drawing frame set a separation between the spectator and the scene, but at this time they draw some characters getting out of the frame (a bit like this, along with some others tricks (the mirror, the “admoniteur” (no idea of the name in English)…) it gave a lot of immersion for the time.
        Well I think I’m far off-topic…AGAIN x)

        Yeah I’ve seen, maybe it’s because I’m on another computer.

        1. Author

          haha, poor wolfie ;P
          xD, nope~

          That’s definitly true and I completely agree that not all chains are bad! But this artworks only refers to those who have a negative impact. (You know, I can’t put everything in just one artwork – those thoughts we’re talking about here would need an extra artwork, as it would be too much in this little one, I guess) ;D

          oh god, the look on the face of this guy creeps me out X’D
          That’s a very interesting composition of the artwork. I really like this frame-feature as it fits well into the artwork and doesn’t look out of place. Also the massive black is cool as it somehow draws the attention to the weird guy.

          Nah, nevermind being off-topic x) you know: my website, my rules. I say there is no off-topic xP

          oh, that’s most likely the answer.

  2. Or rather poor me, because when he’s bored, I’m his way to let off steam x)
    I maybe have an idea for the ostrich, but the wolf is a mystery, I don’t see what negative thing it can be.

    I’ve another painting (less scary =p) in mind with the same concept, but impossible to remind the title (I’m searching since last week x))

    1. Author

      haha, well then: poor both of you XD
      What’s your ostrich-idea? Yeah, the wolf may be tricky if you don’t have the same thoughts as me ;P

      Hm, I wish I could help you there~
      If you remember one day, then: show me x)

      1. I maybe also have an idea for the wolf but it’s really weird so I suppose it’s not that.

        Well it’s more a random guess than anything because I don’t know you enough, but there is two hypothesis: it could be literally taken or figuratively (so you’re an ostrich against you act like an ostrich…ok it’s really weird ^^”)

        1. Author

          I like weird x) Tell me your wolf idea, please!

          hahaha, nope.^^ The Ostrich-Chain leads to the dragons neck, so it has something to do with that.

  3. Well maybe you think you’ve a neck like those of an ostrich, but it’s not something that really limits you and you can’t do something about this so I don’t think it’s that.

    Well for the wolf I don’t see physical characteristic that fits with this body part (except maybe something global, like global strength) so it’s probably more something that has to do with personality. Wolves are sociable animals, there is lone wolf but it’s not supposed to be a permanent state, so maybe it’s related to that.

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