->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Acrylics, Ballpoint Pens, Coloured Pencils

All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways.

Something I sketched two weeks ago and finished over the past days in my breaks from learning for the finals.
This is actually one of my very first characters I created when I started drawing fantasy. In the beginning she was very important for me, then I startd hating her and abandoned here. Now I decided draw her again, as she has a new meaning for me- so she also got a changed look. But I guess I won’t draw her again.


  1. I simply love the colors and contrasting on this one. It was unfortunate to see you leave DA, but I’m glad I followed you on here, you’ve got some amazing work! ^^

    1. Author

      Thank you very much for your feedback! Very appreciated 🙂
      Ah, well, yeah, wasn’t an easy decision to leave dA behind, especially as some friends are still trying to persuade me to come back xD But I guess in order to further evolve my art, it was something that I needed to do.

  2. This character represents very well the madness, it seems she has an erratic behaviour, and the way she moves remind the tormented serpentinata figura from Mannerism.

    At first I thought she was destroying worlds or something, but after thinking about it I think I’ve a better interpretation: spheres represent dreams, or hopes, which aren’t revealed yet, it’s like some kind of gem: if you want to recover it, you need to break through the gangue around. I’m not sure about what made the randomness of the character: it could be because she seems to choose the sphere randomly, but she seems also to be connecting different spheres together, so maybe it’s the way she links the spheres, which is looking random.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you think that c:
      (though I don’t know what you mean by this figura from Mannerism?)

      Lovely interpretation! (thanks again for your comment!)
      This work actually has more than one meaning for me. One is your interpretation.
      The other one is based on what this character represented in earlier days when I first created her. It’s about daydreaming (creating worlds) and escaping reality (destroying worlds) – what I did when I was younger (and ruling my imaginary kingdom x) ). After realising that I abandoned this character and now re-found her with a new meaning. Some sort of “way of living” or “way of understanding the living”.

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