AllegoricReality:Reign of Terror


reign of terror - adversus


reign of terror - velle


reign of terror - sequi
->>Size of all three works: 9cm x 13cm
->>Materials of all three works: ink, goldleaf-imitations, pencils, charcoals, ballpoint pen.

This little series , containing three works, is named “The Reign of Terror”and is part of the Allegoric-Reality-series. Previous works from Allegoric-Reality are The Perfectionist and Liar, Liar.
Those three little works are additionally experimental and represent what (in my opinion) are the three greatest flaws of mankind.


  1. You’ve used your scanner instead of take a photo of them? The gold render better than on the previous one.

    I’ve understand the third without the title, for the first one I thought at first to people who have never enough and want ever more but I understand the meaning you intended when reading the title.
    For the second it’s less obvious though. I understood it at first to be in relation with religion or something, as the deer is a symbol of Christianity, but the title confuses me somewhat, because I suppose it’s related to the thirst for power and riches, but I don’t really see how this is represented in the image.

    1. Author

      Nope. Scanner still refuses to work. (Even my brother couldn’t fix it so far)
      Yeah, the gold looks better here, but the photos seem a bit blurry to me.
      (I probably need to practise photographing x) )

      Yeah, the third one is tricky to understand, I guess. Really, the deer is a symbol for Christianity? That’s new to me. Of all animals, I would have associated fish with christianity (you know, becuase of the Ichthys-fish-symbol).
      You’re right with the thirst for power/riches/…. . I meant to smybolize it through a deer skull, because of their meaning as hunting trophies. Basically it shows pretty nicely -in my opinion- how cruel mankind can been when they want something and how they like to show off.

      1. I could teach you ;p

        Yeah the deer, the fish, the dove, the pelican, the peacock, the sheep/lamb and maybe some other I don’t remind.

        Ah yeah I get it now, I hadn’t think of that (I’m a bit ashamed about it because I’ve the sensation you’ve already explained me that once).

        1. Author

          Sounds like I need to make holidays in France xP

          Ah, yeah, right, beside the fish I’ve heard of the lamb as christian symbol. But not of the others.

          Yay! (Nah, no need to be ashamed. As far as I remember I haven’t explained that before. Not even sure if I used the deer skull to symbolize that before^^)

  2. Of course you need to!
    I solemnly decreet hereby that thou shall come in visit in order to learn how to properly handle your camera. =þ

    Fish is more the ancient, early, symbol of Christianity and it mostly disappears after it was recognized official religion of the Roman empire and came back only in modern time. The lamb and the dove are the most popular since the middle-ages. Pelican and peacock are more rare and also symbols in alchemy, they’re nearly not used at all today.

    I’m nearly sure we already talk about the skulls though, maybe you spoke about it in not-art context.

    1. Author

      Yeah and then you show me the most awesome places in/around Strassburg \o/

      That explains why I only know fish & lamb x) – I’ve also heard of the dove.

      Yep, we talked about skulls, I think, but not specifically about deer-skull – as far as I remember.

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