Rise of the Giants [1]

WIP Causa 1_kleiner

A WIP-shot from one of my recent works. Beside some sketches, art for friends, etc I have started with a large project 2-3 weeks ago – my first time drawing on A2-size, yay! So far I’ve worked on it about 25 hours with acrylics, tempera, ballpoint pen and coloured pencils. It’s a work about the creature I called Causa so far – who finally told me her true name too ;D (first The Whisperer, now Causa – an eventful time indeed) – as I began to truly understand her and what she represents. And with her comes the understanding for Incussus, her “counterpart”. When thinking about it, it’s somewhat hilarious how the change of one puzzle-piece can effect the whole puzzle – including the connections between Nywvre and Erroth’Xero as well as Farphyni and Chichiro’chiyo, while reinforcing Gawynderethéas position in between the obvious and the subtle – and the previous system got scrapped.
The title from this blog entry refers both to the new large paper-size as well as to “Causa” herself – as her symbolism is a greater one than actually expected (and she also strengthened Incussus meaning that way). x)


  1. I think I really need to take notes about all the system, because after some time without thinking about it it’s always difficult to sink in again (not to mention it changes in between, making even more difficult to follow x)).

    It must be awesome to work in A2, isn’t it?

    1. Author

      haha, yeah xD Especially as there are different kinds of creatures as well as different kinds of connections x) Not to mention the rankings and lineage.
      I wrote a word-document for myself to not forget anything and keep order – and it has over 50 pages …and I’m not even done yet (some creatures are still missing and I haven’t even started to write about their connections – I just drew them on charts so far, but I need to explain them too).

      Oh yeah, indeed! I absolutely fell in love with it. <3 I already decided: after some more A2 work/experience I'll try out A1 xD

      1. Ah I also have word documents to remind my stuff, six actually XD

        The only problem with big sizes is the difficulty to find enough room on walls to hang them x)

        1. Author


          Luckily my parents like to have my artworks on their walls (their house is quite large, luckily) – and, you know, older artworks can always be replaced with newer ones, so instead of two smaller older artworks I hang a large new one onto the wall x)

  2. Now I’m listening to we are giants by Lindsey Stirling.

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