Hoard of Beasts [5]

hoard of beasts - vemod_sm

a tender sadness or pensive melancholy;
the calm feeling that something emotionally significant
is over and will never be back

Actually I didn’t plan to continue H.o.B. this year (it was plannend to continue in early 2018), but yesterday I visited a significant place of my past … and realised that the ‘shadows’ from there really don’t haunt or touch me anymore. This is the feeling of freedom!
And therefore I drew this work last night in ~2 hours, using pencils and ink. For me, it contains a lot of symbolism from that past time. I started without any concept or anything, just me and the blank paper. Was great to draw!


  1. It looks like the Castle of Mind is swooshing past the ugly memory monster from the past, I could nearly hear it saying “you can’t catch me mwahaha” x)

    1. Author

      hahaha xD yeah, well, sort of!
      The shadows couldn’t touch the castle – it was where the beast (I think it’s cute, not ugly xP) hid actually, to have distance from the shadows. But then the beast left the castle and realised, that the time of the shadows is over and they can’t touch it anymore. (before, the beast was only glimpsing at the shadows from the safe distance of the castle)
      I guess you don’t see it, as you don’t know Farphynis old (very first) design, but the beast is young Farphyni (wearing a skull mask); a relieved little Farphyni taking her first breath in a new freedom. c:

      1. Oh ok, I totally misinterpreted it then, I thought the beast itself was some representation of the shadows.
        I’m really happy that little Farphyni isn’t touched by shadows any more, although I’ve never doubted about it: I’ve noticed that little Farphyni has evolved in a very strong one ;p

        Ah yeah, you always find cute horrible monsters, that’s probably why you like me =p
        But I don’t seriously consider it ugly, just funny, because it’s some kind of unexpected mix between a bird and a feline x)

        1. Author

          Nope, the beast was just affected by them.
          I’m happy about that too, thanks 😀

          Of course x) the more horrible, the cuter they are XD

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