A Restless Dream [4] – WIP

A restless dream- relativity of existence WIP_sm

Spontaneously decided to draw another work for the A.R.D.-Series. This time an OC of mine happens to be part of it – Erroth’Xero. Can’t wait to get to the gold leaf part!

It’s somewhat fascinating how this series haunts my mind and whispers while I sleep.


  1. Spiky ears look like some carnivorous plant x)
    You’ve become fond of gold, aren’t you? (I’m too, but I prefer it in the form of 10kg bar x))

    I know what it is when something haunts mind all the time, it’s both awesome and terrible.

    1. Author

      ahahaha xD be careful to not get too close. They might eat you~
      Absolutely! (well, I stick to the kind of gold I can get my hands on xP)

      exactly! It’s somewhere between fascination and terror.

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