A Restless Dream [4] – WIP

A restless dream- relativity of existence WIP_sm

Spontaneously decided to draw another work for the A.R.D.-Series. This time an OC of mine happens to be part of it – Erroth’Xero. Can’t wait to get to the gold leaf part!

It’s somewhat fascinating how this series haunts my mind and whispers while I sleep.

2 thoughts on “A Restless Dream [4] – WIP

  1. Spiky ears look like some carnivorous plant x)
    You’ve become fond of gold, aren’t you? (I’m too, but I prefer it in the form of 10kg bar x))

    I know what it is when something haunts mind all the time, it’s both awesome and terrible.

    • ahahaha xD be careful to not get too close. They might eat you~
      Absolutely! (well, I stick to the kind of gold I can get my hands on xP)

      exactly! It’s somewhere between fascination and terror.

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