Symphony of Chaos [WIP]


  1. Graphite powder? I knew it was used in industry, but I didn’t knew it was used in art (although that’s quite logical, when one think about it).
    How does that work?

    There is a secret tip to photograph shiny things =p

    1. Author

      You can get powdered graphite in most art stores. It’s very awesome to draw x3 (I use it with a brush and can make very smooth and soft shadings, but partly not very detailed -> so I use pencils in addition)

      Taking tons of photos with different light and eventually one photo is good xP?
      Well, before making the photo of the final piece I’ll put some varnish spray on it (with a matting-effect) so it should be easier to photograph then.

      1. I wonder what it would make with something like an airbrush…

        Nope =p
        Wouldn’t it reduce the impact if you reduce the shining?

        1. Author

          I have no idea. Never touched an airbrush before x)

          Ooooh, I’ve gained access to an A3 scanner *-* (photographing worked too, but the results weren’t perfect) And it is a hella good one! I absolutely love the scans of the finished piece.

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