(acrylics on 25×30 canvas)

Adapt and overcome. Change wings, change flight. No matter how strong the wind or a growling storm, shift the wings and chase the moon evermore.

Finished the last two experimental acrylic paintings last week. (The other one will be uploaded tomorrow)
Needless to say I have tons of fun with this new way of using the acrylic colors and have further (larger) works with this technique in mind. Stay tuned.


  1. In French, chasing the moon means to be unrealistic, pipe-dreaming; is it the same meaning here?

    Maybe it’s me, but I see a skull in the wing, not sure that’s intended x)

    1. Author

      No. Here I mean “chase your dreams”^^

      XD I see a bunch of weird creatures in there, but neither these nor the skull were intended. I guess people see in patterns what they’re most familiar with (if that makes sense x)?)

      1. My dreams are rather pipe-dreams, so it fits I suppose x)

        I’m not sure how to interpret the fact I see mostly skulls x)

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