Annihilation // Transformation


  1. Its expression is funny, it’s like “oh no, I’ve teared my skin up again” XD

    So if I understand not too bad, it was trying to blend with normal humans by taking their appearance (the lower body), but it hasn’t work. I’m not sure if the reapparition was intentionnal or not: the expression of the monster suggest it wasn’t, and the part of the text “I found a way to reappear” could mean both (as finding something can be the result of a search, or not, in a slightly ironical way, like “I’ve tried my best, but I’ve find a way to fail again”.

    The multiple eyes remind me an old drawing of Kee’Asuriah, but not sure if this aspect is still current, and then related there.

    1. Author

      I know xD Found it quite amusing while drawing it x)

      Yeah, correct!
      The reappearing-part was both intentional and unintentional. x) I can’t really explain the feeling.

      I guess I’m simply obsessed with the symbolism of multiple eyes :’D But, fun fact, the symbolism of Kee’Asuriah kinda fits here, even though it wasn’t intended.

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