Blazing Shades [3]

(The Seismograph; Acrylics, Inks and Oils on 22×22 cm coated wooden board)

I know I’ve been here before,
in this storm.
Out of the box,
not fitting in a lane.

Let me breathe.

The Wingshifter helps the Dragongirl to survive, teaches her the ways of the mind, so she can ultimately follow the steps of the Pathfinder (see following Blog Post) to eventually find (and become) the Empress.

The Butterfly and the Dragongirl are related to a very specific group of people, HSPs (highly sensitive persons), and address themes caused by the nature of their being/mind. Depending on each person the high sensitivity comes in many different shapes.
Being a HSP comes with its own, occasionally troublesome and difficult, challenges. Sometimes it feels like being a butterfly in a storm – fascinating and scaring at the same time. Overwhelming and draining.

The world (and life) offers an incredible amount of sensations (visual, smell, taste, sound, …) and perceptions, that can cause a flood or chain reaction of impressions, emotions or also memories.
Every moment is full of tiny details, patterns, textures, colors, shades, noises, impressions, nuances of body language and tone, pressure (from others or oneself) etc. Just being exposed to a busy room can be deafening; or a set of several noises, an image with intense colors etc. can already be very tiresome, as everything attracts attention – also (hidden) emotions of others.

HSPs process information extremely deep – causing an urge to gather knowledge and learn constantly. Every memory, experience, information and data is used by the brain to find/develop patterns in order to try explaining/understanding the world.
It can easily lead to perfectionist tendencies if one doesn’t allow oneself (or is unable to) to relax.

The Butterfly is the Seismograph and describes the aspects of the qualities of the HSP, the sensory overload in all its different shapes and ways, while the Dragongirl refers to the “human part” (while not feeling completely human herself and lost in the crowd) – how one deals with the butterfly, as well as the understanding and learning process in order of being able to deal and live with it, understanding oneself and tolerate the way one is. Also setting the right/necessary boundaries.

The Dragongirl once feared herself, an irregular among the similar, but she has accepted the way she is, in the end, even though she is not able to control what makes her different, like the Empress (see later Blog Post), who knows about the gifts of being a HSP (like an incredible intuition and empathy for example). One day the Dragongirl wants to claim the throne and become the Empress herself to not be ruled by the storm anymore.

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  1. Didn’t know about HSP.
    I wonder about it now: I really can’t stand noise, worse being when there is people chatting around me (it’s like my brain is dragged into their conversations, jumping from one to another and I’m like “”aaah stupid brain, stop that I don’t care about what they’re saying, I want to read my book!” XD), loud noise causes me also pain, while other people doesn’t seem to care. It’s the same with light, even slight light wake me up and so on, I don’t even speak about other people emotions (when they’re expressed) which totally kill me x)
    Learning new things is just the centre of my life x) and I’m also perfectionist as hell, paired with overambition, it’s the worst combination ever XD
    On the other hand I’ve absolutely no intuition and I always feel I’m blind to hidden emotions and thoughts of other people.
    So I don’t know x)

    Hmm sorry for the life-telling here, it just questioned myself x)

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