Blazing Shades [4]

(The Pathfinder; Acrylics, Inks and Oils on 18×24 cm coated wooden board)

“Whisper, whisper,
tell me the way.
A howl in the distance,
will lead me away.”

A question most human beings are dealing with is the question about the meaning of their life – not life in general, but theirs specifically. Searching for their place on earth, for their greater cause, their “destiny” if you want to call it that way. Trying to understand the meaning behind all of it.

That’s the essence of the Pathfinder – described so short and simply … and yet it is such a difficult matter that some people don’t find an answer their whole life. They have lost their Pathfinder and can’t find its tracks anymore. But, if the silence catches them at night, they might hear a howl in the distance.

Anyway. The Pathfinder also tries to assist the Dragongirl to help her find her way to the Empress, so she learns to deal with the Hydra from the majesty herself. But, surely, she will encounter the Grin Reaper before meeting the Hydra. (See following Blog Posts)

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