Ocean Shepherd

(Ecoline and colored pencils on 23 x 30.5 cm hot pressed paper)

Seeker, seeker or a keeper?
Will you bring me to the shore tonight?
Or to endless realms in shades of blue?
Travelling with the mind,
through hidden feelings
of me and you.

The Ocean Shepherd is a symbolic dreamguide, rooting in the subconscious mind. She is able to see the hidden emotions and thoughts behind dreams. Indeed, she knows about their symbolism, but will never talk. All secrets are safe with her. But if she sees, that it is necessary to provoke mental growth of the dreamer, she will confront him/her with themes, the conscious mind doesn’t want to acknowledge.

Dreams have always fascinated me. They take known things, twist them into something more or less different, either comforting or very disturbing, but always with a true essence, that shows what concerns us, or what we try to hide from ourselves.
I see quite a few similiarities between dreams and what art means for me as symbolist.

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