Apprentice(ballpoint pen and a some pencil work into my new A4 greypaper-sketchbook)
Emerging from the “Howls of Silence”-Sketches this sketch escalated and became something different.

…and yet I know, that this world is full of magical, wonderful things, patiently waiting for us to become aware and our senses to grow sharper.

This artwork schows the ‘first spark’: Valin and his pact-partner Asgorath, the dragon.


  1. I really love your ballpoint pen art a lot, although I’ve never get how you manage to draw so well with those things x).

    I like how the girl share similar features with the dragon, it’s like if she was changing to be more dragonish at the same time she gets more aware of the magic of the world. Maybe in the end will she become totally a dragon, as in the previous sketch, the “rocker-dragon” has hairs, like if it was previously more human (I fell I’m a bit rambling here x))
    I link this one with the sketch of the rocker-dragon, because the figure of the girl looks similar with the same hood and sword. However in this one I feel the dragon is a master and the girl an apprentice, or at least a companion of the dragon, while in the other one I feel she’s more like an animal trainer, hence it’s a bit reverted feeling about their relationship.

    1. Author

      Thank you!! I’m glad you love it!
      You know, that’s my fairy magic 😉 Just kidding, it is all about being precise with pressure (more than with pencils), different shading techniques and keeping in mind that mistakes can’t be erased.

      Excatly, the girl gets more dragonish with becoming aware. And yes, maybe one day, she turns into a complete dragon.

      During the sketches of “Howls of Silence” the intention changes. Simplified said: I began HoS trying to draw my Tinnitus (XD), wondering what true silence is like, as I’ll probably never expierence that. The rocker-dragon-sketch had some basic thought like “if you concentrate on it, it gets louder. etc”. That lead me to the thought “My Tinnitus is not visible – just like many other things. – and only I can hear it, etc.” and this finally lead me to the idea for “apprentice” ^^

      1. That’s the problem, even with a pencil I miss my ctrl+z already x)

        You mean I got it right? I impress myself XD

        I don’t think true silence exists, or if it does, I’ve never managed to experience it. It’s like if the mind don’t tolerate silence: even when there seems at first to be any noise, it’s like if the ears were going to search some noise to fill the silence and sometimes the mind even create sounds that don’t exist, just to fill it.

        1. Author

          XD you know there are erasers? They are not as perfect as ctrl+z, but still better than nothing.

          That’s a very interesting and inspiring thought! Thanks for sharing!
          Well, at least that means I don’t miss anything by having a Tinnitus x)

  2. You know, suppressing any sensations input is one of the most efficient torture method that exists: lock someone in a room that is totally silent and without anything to see, either totally dark or white painted and lightened in a way that there is no visible relief anywhere (the latter is more difficult to achieve but more efficient because with the light the victim can’t sleep correctly) and people get totally mad very quickly, they hallucinate, because the brain try to fill the absence a sensation.
    Effect is “improved” by the fact that torturers give food irregularly, while making the people believe it is regular, thus the conception of the time the victim has is totally false in comparison with its own body input.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I’ve heard about that.

      And still there are people who willingly search for that “suppression of any sensation”.
      Have you heard about “floating” (something you can do at a Spa-thing, where you ‘float’ in water with a very high salt concentration, usually in some entirely dark container or such). A friend of mine did that once and said it was awesome.

      Well, but there’s huge difference between willingly doing something like that and people who are forced to / tortured. x)

    2. Author

      (It’s btw. hilarious again how me manage to get from a dragon-theme to torture methods and relaxation techniques) XD

      1. Oh yeah, I know that, it was used by the KGB for questioning. Although people do it today for relaxation it doesn’t always work that way and I’ve heard some people say that the moment they spent in this container was the most horrible of their life.
        Curiously enough, the key is to be already relaxed before, if you worry about anything it will just get amplified. that’s way I’m not going to ever do it, because being in water is already stressful for me outside, so in that thing it’s certain I would panic.

        (That’s totally related duh: people need to be relaxed, otherwise they will have bad taste when we will feed our dragons with them).

  3. Ich mag die Tiefe in dem Bild. Die Abstufungen sind so angenehm fließend und sehr gut akzentuiert. Es wirkt richtig schön plastisch. Man könnte es sich stundenlang anschauen.

    1. Author

      Auf grauem Papier zu Zeichnen ist klasse, wenn man schnell und einfach eine besondere Bildtiefe + Plastizität erzielen will. Wobei ich der Versuchung widerstehen musste, zu viele Highlights zu setzen XD
      Und danke, freut mich sehr, wenns dir gefällt c:

      1. Mus ich auch mal ausprobieren 🙂
        Ich habe Unmengen weiße Kreide für meine Kohlezeichnungen rumliegen, aber noch nie benutzt, haha. Sollte ich mal ausprobieren.

        1. Author

          Mach das 😀 kann mir vorstellen, dass dir das sicher voll gut gefällt.

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