Mind-Monster 3

Sometimes thoughts can be like an erupting volcano – if you ignore them long enough, they gather…and one day – BOOM!
Phase 1: “Ink-Storm” (5 minutes)
Actually just a quick, abstract ink-painting inspired by thoughts.

Phase 2: “lurking beneath the surface” (30 minutes)
Next, I looked at the abtract painting some days after creating it and I started to see creatures in it. So I took a ballpoint pen and started to kinda “accentuate” some of them.

Phase 3: “exploding” (60 minutes; this one escalated a bit)
Then I scanned it and added colours with Photoshop.

and here they are…some mind-monsters. Falling from the sky.

Phase 2 und 3 are equal. Phase 3 is not the “end result”.

I’ve drawn eleven of those abstract ink-paitings. In the next days and weeks I’ll show monsters hiding in there.
I’m not going to give those works own, individual titles – I let them speak for themselves instead.

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  1. Oh I really love this one, bot the coloured one and the black & white (I love those ones because they reminds me engravings)

    This series would deserve an exhibition in my opinion 😉

    Do you plan to mix all those drawing or they’ll stay as separate artwork?

    1. Author

      I’m glad you love it x)

      Aw, that’s kind of you to say! Thank youuu~~!

      How do you mean that?

  2. I mean you could fusion all those drawing in one big painting, for example with this one at the top, the previous one on the right, the first one in the centre. Then you would just have to fill the blank between with some other monster and you would obtain a big drawing full of monster (a bit like a Bosch’s painting but more filled with monsters)

    1. Author

      ah, sounds like a great idea, though I’m not sure if it will work out – but (if I remember :’D ) I’ll try that when I finished this series c: Thanks for the idea!
      I’ll most likely fuse the black-white versions then and not the coloured ones. (Otherwise it really won’t work I guess)

      1. Yeah it’ll probably better with the black and white ones.

        (Oh damn, someone else has commenting, it’ll probably rain frogs soon x))

        1. Author

          (haha, yeah. I still wonder who that is~~)

  3. These have been stunning so far!

    1. Author

      Thank you very much!

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