Mind-Monster 4

Still waters run deep.

Phase 1: “Ink-Storm” (5 minutes)
Actually just a quick, abstract ink-painting inspired by the thoughts of my mind.

Phase 2: “lurking beneath the surface” (20 minutes)
Next, I looked at the abtract painting some days after creating it and I started to see creatures in it. So I took a ballpoint pen and started to kinda “accentuate” some of them.

Phase 3: “exploding” (10 minutes)
Then I scanned it and added colours with Photoshop.

and here they are…some more mind-monsters.

Phase 2 und 3 are equal. Phase 3 is not the “end result”.

I’ve drawn eleven of those abstract ink-paitings. In the next days and weeks I’ll show monsters hiding in there.
I’m not going to give those works own, individual titles – I let them speak for themselves instead.

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  1. The bubbles looks too much digital and a bit inappropriate in my opinion. The blue and the aspect of the monsters was enough to suggest the water without the bubbles.
    Some of the grey lines are also “too digital” I think.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your feedback!

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