Animus, Anima


A harmonic discord that resounds in my soul.

(spontaneous, experimental digital drawing leading into a new era of the Alter Ego Art)

“Do you know how much I love space? I begin to believe that it resonates with my soul, it charges my batteries, it helps me breathe. I’m haunted by the sheer endlessness, the incredible beauty. My heart longs for it, my dreams are full of travels and flight, of stars and nebula.”

“Earthbound, my fire burns bright, inseparable in its nature from myself. I burn even in the darkest night, undying, full of power. Can you see the light? It will always be there to guide your way back home.
No obstacle may remain in my way, no enemy. The eternal flames are always hungry, cause bliss in my heart.”

“Do you know we should be antagonists?”

 “But how could we when Venus’ light mounts guard on us?”

-A theme accompaning me since Amphisbaena or even longer, finding a new pinnacle and different point of view in Ivory-Prince and finally unravelling the mystery in this work, that roots deep within the Alter Ego concept.

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