->>Size: A5
->>Materials: ballpoint pens

A little FanArt in Progress~ I sketched last week, drew the outlines during the last days and had two hours time today to do some colouring.


A little Sketch I drew last evening. It’s about the magic of words and readers imagination. Those of you who are passionate book-readers will most likely know what I mean~
I personally love reading – especially books with monster and well described, creative creatures, which rise out of the seas of ink and haunt my mind.


->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Pencils, some Ink

I’ve just finished the headshot of the dragon from my dream. Unforntunately I only clearly remember the head – the rest is just foggy. Actually the dragon formed itself out of the fog – and then disappeared after some minutes again. I wanted to ask him something, but he didn’t answer. I named him Nimbatus~
The dream inspired me to a little poem:Continue Reading

Song of Revolution_sigi_kleiner

->>Size: A5
->>Materials: Ink

This work filled my last two evenings. As the last work it’s based on one of my poems.Continue Reading


Braid und Fenlon_noch noch mehr kleiner

->>Size: A5
->>Materials: colored ballpointpens

This started as quick pencil-sketch in the break between two study-lectures, and then got out of control and turned into a (with black ballpointpen) shaded work, but both creatures demanded colour – and so they got their colours und additional details.

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Altharion - Kontinent Dralion - SIGI

Altharion - Kontinent Dralion - Territorienfarben - SIGI

The past days I worked on the maps for the first book of my series~~
Here’s Altharion. (The territories of the Clans can be seen in the second picture)

Finished the quick Photoshop-Coloration of the Cyriac-Ink-Illustration. Was fun.

After some very exciting days (I’m currently moving to a town near Vienna, as I’m going to study Biotechnology there) I finally found some time to finish the test-illustration for my book series today evening. I’ve somehow lost my sense for time during drawing, as it felt like half an hour, but actually I drew five hours and it’s after midnight now ~~ Continue Reading

Last night I wanted to draw some little ballpoint works again & so I took my A5-sketchbook and made three headshots, then added some colour with watercolour.
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